Toolkit: Fair Rent Commissions in Connecticut

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During the past several years, residential rents have dramatically increased across the state. For more
than 50 years, Connecticut towns have been authorized by state law to create fair rent commissions to
address these very issues. By 2022, twenty-five towns already had such ordinances, many of them in place for decades. Such commissions are empowered to stop or delay an unconscionable rent increase and also to limit rent to a fair level when there are health or safety violations. Fair rent commissions have been proven to be an important municipal tool to prevent unreasonable rent increases and to buttress housing code enforcement.

In 2022, the Connecticut legislature passed Public Act 22-30, which requires each town with a population greater than 25,000 to adopt a fair rent commission ordinance in accordance with the Fair Rent Commission Act (C.G.S. 7-148b through 7-148f). Smaller towns remain free to adopt such ordinances or to jointly create regional fair rent commissions. The current spate of rent increases, many by out-of-state investors, illustrates the desirability of acting without delay.

This toolkit was developed as a resource for those towns looking for guidance and best practices for
adopting a fair rent commission ordinance. We anticipate this toolkit will be reviewed and updated
periodically to provide the most up-to-date guidance regarding fair rent commissions in Connecticut.
The authors of this toolkit are available for consultation and technical assistance in the drafting, adoption, and implementation of your town’s fair rent commission ordinance. Please feel free to reach out to one of them with questions regarding these matters.

This toolkit was developed by HOMEConnecticut1 , with input provided by the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities.

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