What We Do

Policy and Advocacy

Partnership for Strong Communities engages in smart policy design and strategic civic and political advocacy to expand housing opportunity. We harness our collective power to reshape Connecticut’s housing landscape and develop strong, vibrant communities.

Research and Resources

Partnership for Strong Communities conducts in-depth research and produces valuable timely resources to inform policies and empower communities. We work to foster a deep understanding of affordable housing challenges, solutions, and pathways toward a more inclusive and thriving Connecticut.

Events and Convening

Partnership for Strong Communities serves as a hub of knowledge and collaboration. We organize educational events that inspire, inform, and foster meaningful dialogues. We are dynamic conveners that create spaces for shared insights and collective action toward positive change in Connecticut’s housing landscape.
We prioritize housing solutions that will be affordable and sustainable long-term. We focus on the full spectrum of housing needs and experiences of communities now, and for generations to come.
We ground our work in facts and data that we use to dispel myths, challenge stereotypes, and fill gaps in knowledge to drive narrative, policy, and systems change.
We work to create and support an anti-racist, inclusive culture throughout our work, internally and externally. We are committed to policies and practices that reduce disparities in housing and within our organization.
We facilitate, nurture, and leverage crucial relationships—because we are stronger and more impactful when we are united.