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Young Energetic Solutions (YES)

Connecticut needs a young, skilled, educated and energetic workforce to drive the state’s economy and help 
shape communities that will be magnets for economic growth and vitality. This demographic is more likely to choose living in Connecticut if its communities have an array of housing options they can afford, interesting recreational and cultural activities, mass transit, biking and walking options, the right mix of retail offering what they need and want, and opportunities for professional growth. While focused on how young workers want to shape Connecticut, YES’s work will benefit everyone that wants interesting, functional, economically-thriving communities.

YES is a statewide initiative seeking to empower young people to create a vibrant Connecticut. it works to do so by creating a statewide YES network to give young people the tools they need to transform their communities and the state into a place where young professionals want to live, work, and play. Guided by a statewide steering committee, YES aims to give young people a voice in shaping their communities by connecting them to local boards and commissions and showing them how to become civically engaged.

YES strategically partners with statewide organizations and local organizations to establish local delgates, creating a network to connect millennials with opportunities to engage with and/or join local boards and commissions. Throug these partnerhips YES seeks to become a clearinghouse for young professionals interested in civic engagement.