HOMEConnecticut is a broad-based Collective Impact initiative of partners working to ensure everyone in Connecticut has access to safe, stable, accessible, and affordable housing in the community of their choice.

HOMEConnecticut provides statewide convening around collective goals:

  • Increasing rental assistance and investment in affordable housing
  • Advancing housing quality, safety, and justice
  • Removing barriers to affordable housing production

HOMEConnecticut works to advance its work through:

  1. Legislative and administrative advocacy;
  2. Outreach and engagement with municipalities, policymakers, key partners,and allies;
  3. Research, analysis, and publication of affordable housing information.

Currently, HOMEConnecticut is led by a Coordinating Committee. Partnership for Strong Communities serves as the backbone organization for HOMEConnecticut. Please contact HOMECT@pschousing.org if you are interested in learning more.

Collective Impact Model

HOMEConnecticut utilizes a collective impact model. Collective impact is the commitment of a group of actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem, using a structured form of collaboration.


Common Agenda

  • Common understanding of the problem
  • Shared vision for change


Shared Measurement

  • Collecting data and measuring results
  • Focus on performance management
  • Shared accountability


Mutually Reinforcing Activities

  • Differentiated approaches
  • Coordination through joint plan of action


Continuous Communication

  • Common understanding of the problem<
  • Focus on building trust


Backbone Support

  • Separate organization(s) with staff
  • Resources and skills to convene and coordinate participating organizations

HOMEConnecticut Coordinating Committee

The HOMEConnecticut Coordinating Committee is comprised of a core group of cross-sector partners that define the initiative’s shared vision, corresponding goals, coordinate work including identifying priority changes in policies, systems, funding, and relationships necessary to achieve the vision. Members bring their expertise, influence, leadership, passion, and commitment to the work, working together to collectively drive systems change.

Rebecca Allen, Melville Charitable Trust

Jocelyn Ayer, Litchfield County Center for Housing Opportunity

Erin Boggs, Open Communities Alliance

Melvyn Colon, Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance

Emmeline Harrigan, American Planning Association, Connecticut Chapter

Pete Harrison, Desegregate CT

Quron Jackson, Consultant

Kasey LaFlam, LISC

Cori Mackey, Center for Leadership and Justice

Jim Perras, Homebuilders and Remodelers Association of Connecticut

Teth Pickens, Consultant

Julian Pierce, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation

Rafie Podolsky, CT Legal Services

Lisa Quach, Department of Housing

Chelsea Ross, Partnership for Strong Communities

Beth Sabilia, Center for Housing Equity and Opportunity in Eastern Connecticut

Chris Senecal, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Anika Singh Lemar, Yale Law School

Marcus Smith, Connecticut Housing Finance Authority

Sarah White, CT Fair Housing Center

Aicha Woods, Fairfield County Center for Housing Opportunity