Research Associates

The Partnership for Strong Communities Research Associates Program engages Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) freelance writers and researchers to produce policy and research materials on housing, community development, and homelessness in Connecticut. This opportunity offers the benefit of both competitive compensation and opportunities to publish in local and statewide news outlets and journals, as well as the Partnership’s website.

What Types Of Content Do Research Associates Produce?

Research Associates will produce original research and writing that furthers the Partnership for Strong Communities mission to end homelessness and expand housing opportunity in Connecticut. A few examples of possible Research Associates content include:

  • An original research brief on the availability of affordable housing near transit stations.
  • A fact sheet with policy proposals for improving the health of public housing residences.
  • A first-person essay on the writer’s personal experience with housing instability.
  • A GIS map and accompanying analysis exploring the intersection between housing and public policy.
  • An op-ed applying trends in multifamily housing rehabilitation and new construction to demand at the municipal level.

Research Associates will be contracted through the Partnership to write articles and policy briefs, as well as to conduct original research. At the outset of the project, the research associate will consult with PSC’s staff on a realistic timeline and budget for the program.

Here are a few examples of content from current and former PSC researchers:

“Roadblock to the Middle Class”-An Essay on the impact of Housing Insecurity in America– Jamil Ragland

What Has Caused The Connecticut Population To Stagnate? Addressing The Need For The State’s Equitable Housing Needs For Different Population Groups– Daisy Karega

Redlining’s Lasting Impact On Connecticut Cities’ Ability To Combat Extreme Heat– Alexis Meehan

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

Writers and researchers of BIPOC backgrounds who have an interest in public policy as it relates to housing, community development, and homelessness in Connecticut.

Questions about the program? Contact Alysha Gardner:

We are not currently accepting new candidates for the Research Associates Program. Please monitor this webpage for updates regarding our upcoming application period in January 2024.