Connecticut Housing Trust Fund

Program provides gap financing, grants, loan guarantees, low-and-no-interest loans and funding for the CT Individual Development Account housing program

Purpose: encourages creation of homeownership housing for low and moderate income families, promotes the rehabilitation, preservation and production of rental housing and the development of housing which aids the revitalization of communities

Housing Receivership Revolving Fund

By law the Housing Receivership Revolving Fund may be used with court approval, to meet expenses for certain buildings for which a
receiver has been appointed to remedy certain housing violations. New $50M expands the conditions under which the Superior Court may authorize the fund’s use by:
(1) eliminating a requirement that the building in receivership have no more than 20 units or be a mobile manufactured home park or a space or lot
(2) increasing the cap on the anticipated per-unit average expense from $5,000 to $10,000

Also increases the amount that may be spent from the fund in any single municipality from $200K to $1M per year

National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF)

National Housing Trust Fund is a federal block grant program used for the production, preservation, rehabilitation, or operation of affordable rental housing. 75% of all HTF dollars must serve extremely low-income households.