Our Partners

Our mission is carried out through partnerships. We facilitate, nurture, and leverage crucial relationships with and among our partners to harness collective expertise, pool resources, and amplify our influence. Together, we aim to facilitate comprehensive problem-solving and champion sustainable, community-driven solutions.

The Partnership works with diverse cross-sector partners in Connecticut and beyond, including:

Nonprofit Partners: We come together with organizations with complementary and adjacent missions such as housing advocates, housing providers, and service providers to work together to promote policy changes and advocate for the rights and needs of individuals housing insecurity.

Business Partners: We build relationships with the business community, particularly with housing developers and property owners and managers who have a pivotal role in creating affordable housing options and supporting housing stability in our state.

Community Leaders: We build partnerships with community leaders and organizations, including individuals with lived expertise of housing insecurity to support their initiatives and provide our resources and expertise when helpful.

Elected Official Partners: We actively engage with state, local, and federal elected officials to gain support for and enact policy changes that increase housing supply, access, affordability and stability in our state.

Government Partners: We collaborate closely with federal, state, and local government agencies to access vital funding, share critical data, and coordinate policies and initiatives.

Philanthropic Partners: We coordinated with foundations and funders who are investing in initiatives aimed at addressing housing and homelessness issues, and other complex social problems that intersect with housing.

Academic Institutions: We work with universities and research institutions to enhance access to quality research, thorough analysis, and valuable expertise