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A Decade in Foreclosures

4 April 2017

CoreLogic recently released a report reviewing the ten years following the foreclosure crisis, titled United States Resident Foreclosure Crisis: Ten Years Later. The report finds that the end of 2016 marked the lowest level of “Seriously Delinquent” mortgages since before the foreclosure crisis, at 2.6%. Seriously Delinquent mortgages are those that are 90 days or more past due.

CoreLogic reports that approximately 7.8 million mortgages were foreclosed during the foreclosure crisis. Of the 7.8 million foreclosures, 38,000 are attributed to Connecticut. Furthermore, the report found that Connecticut had the sixth highest peak foreclosure rate (i.e., homes at some stage of foreclosure). Four of the top ten were all in the northeast region: New Jersey, New York, Maine, and Connecticut. 

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