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2018 Housing Data Profiles

17 January 2018
Partnership for Strong Communities (PSC)

Are you a business owner wondering if the cost of housing is reducing the number of potential employees who can afford to live close to your workplace? Are you a teacher concerned that you work in one of the many towns projected to see a decline in its school-aged children? Are you a parent worried that your children will have difficulty affording a place to live close to home when they graduate? In an effort to provide insight regarding these issues, the Partnership for Strong Communities has released updated Housing Data Profiles for each municipality in the state, along with a statewide profile and profiles for each county.  

The 2018 Housing Data Profiles details the current housing stock and needs across Connecticut, and includes charts and graphs visualizing data on housing stock, income, race, age distribution of residents, housing characteristics (age of housing stock, number of single-family or multifamily homes, number of bedrooms in homes), housing costs and affordability, housing production and affordable units. In addition, the updated Housing Data Profiles include a narrative analysis of housing conditions for each municipality and a list of Key Stats. 

Data sources for the Housing Data Profiles include the 2000 Decennial Census, 2011-15 American Community Survey, population projections from the Connecticut State Data Center, Affordable Housing Appeals List data collected by the Connecticut Department of Housing, building permits data collected by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, and grand list data from the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management. 

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