Low-Income Residents in CT and Beyond Spend Years on Housing Voucher Waitlists

CT Public | By Abigail Brone

Low-income residents across Connecticut, and other Northeastern states, spend years waiting for a housing voucher, officials say.

In Connecticut, the voucher waitlist has opened just twice in the last 17 years for new applicants, according to Steve DiLella, individual and family support programs director with Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH).

“We actually still have people on our waitlist from that 2007 opening, just showing you how difficult it is to move people through,” DiLella said. “I think we are trying to be intentional on how that waitlist moves. But knowing that it really is a small percentage of our overall total.”

DiLella spoke at a recent conference featuring housing professionals from Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

The panel, hosted by local housing nonprofit Partnership for Strong Communities, compared the ways in which each of the three states manage their housing voucher programs.

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