Lawmakers Debate Increasing Fee To File Land Records In Support Of Community Investment Account

CT News Junkie | Coral Aponte

HARTFORD, CT – Something that hasn’t been hit by inflation? Fees to file land records in Connecticut. But a new bill seeks to change that by increasing recording fees for land documents by $5.

In an effort to improve land conservation, lawmakers are looking to increase the recording fee by $5, raising it to $45, through Senate Bill 351, An Act Increasing Funding For The Community Investment Account.

Partnership for Strong Communities Executive Director Chelsea Ross supports the bill for the affordable housing sector.

The state Department of Housing uses money from the CIA to advance housing development initiatives, Ross said at the hearing. The funds eliminate the bond commission process and allow for the Housing Department’s projects to move more quickly.

Ross said that the Coordinated Access Networks (CANs) use the funds from the CIA as a major resource. CANs help those experiencing homelessness across the state and they need consistent and stable funding to operate, she said, especially in a time where the state is seeing more homelessness and housing instability.

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