Just cause eviction protections are essential

CT Mirror | By: Danielle Hubley, Advocacy and Education Manager, Partnership for Strong Communities

As Jay Osborne with the Connecticut Tenants Union in Windham and many other advocates across the state have explained, expanding just cause eviction protections will reduce experiences of discrimination for tenants, ensuring that they can assert their rights to safe living conditions without facing retaliation from landlords who are not adequately maintaining their properties.

Just cause protections also preserve housing choice for tenants by keeping them stably housed and evictions off of their public records. Just cause protections are critical and should be implemented alongside other policies and investments to improve housing stability, safety, and affordability for renters.

In the last three years, the cost to rent in Connecticut has increased 20%. Thirty-one percent of renters in the state are spending more than half of their earned income just to keep their homes. One-third of all Connecticut households rent, and the average hourly wage of a renter, $22.29, falls below the wage necessary to afford a typical one-bedroom apartment at $25.90 per hour. With the cost of rent soaring alongside inflation and the stagnation of wages, renters are left with very little in their household budgets for other important necessities or expenses, which puts more households at risk of losing their home.

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