Our IForums are an opportunity to showcase the interdisciplinary nature of housing policy. With connections to various public policy issues – from education to health, economic security to sustainability and community development, environment and energy use to transit – housing plays a crucial role in our state’s economic health and sense of community. IForums serve as a medium to educate key decision makers, community leaders, and the public on the connection between housing policy and other major public policy issues. Our IForum series asks difficult questions and fosters conversation about how the public and private sector can work together towards a mutual goal of solving key policy problems and enhancing Connecticut as a place where people can and want to live, work, and raise a family.
You can view our past IFourms on Youtube.

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State-Funded Rental Vouchers: Connecticut and Our Neighbors

By: Alysha Gardner, Senior Policy Analyst, Partnership for Strong Communities To kickoff the 2024 legislative session, the Partnership convened its first IForum of the year ...
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Community Land Trusts: Housing Solutions Rooted in Community Needs

By: Alysha Gardner, Senior Policy Analyst “None of the affordable housing programs by themselves are a panacea – they all come with pros and cons… ...
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