Housing And Homelessness In CT 2021

The Partnership for Strong Communities has released its yearly update on the state of homelessness and housing affordability in Connecticut. Housing in CT 2021 and Homelessness in CT 2021 provide a quick primer on Connecticut’s need for stable, affordable housing.

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for rent relief in Connecticut, while also widening the inequities that already existed in the state’s housing market. Connecticut’s residents are burdened by the lack of modestly-priced rental options — a problem which affects all communities, regardless of income levels, but is particularly devastating to Connecticut’s families of color.

Data shows that Connecticut’s homelessness response system continues to produce positive results, with fewer state residents entering shelter. There is still a massive need for resources, however, as indicated by the thousands of Connecticut residents still experiencing homelessness. In addition, Connecticut remains one of the most high-cost states for housing, and a massive investment in affordable housing is needed.

Click Here To Download Housing In CT 2021

Click Here To Download Homelessness In CT 2021

Our Legislative Priorities provide an overview of action steps Connecticut can take to bolster its homelessness response, as well as to preserve and expand its stock of affordable homes.

For questions on Housing & Homelessness in CT 2021, contact us at info@pschousing.org. To stay informed on housing news in Connecticut, sign up for PSC’s legislative updates and newsletters here.

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