By: Terence Floyd, Vice President Senior Social Impact Specialist, Philanthropy & Community Impact-CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, and Maine & Partnership for Strong Communities Board Chair

Talk a little bit about your background/history and how you came to be at Wells Fargo.

I spent a number of years in the nonprofit world, focused on housing and funding programs through the organization I worked for. I left that work in 2007 and joined People’s United Bank where, for nine years, I was doing affordable, first-time buyer programs and supporting nonprofits. In 2016 I transitioned to Wells Fargo to continue that work. Shortly after, a different position opened that would expand the impact I was able to make. I moved to working in community relations which allowed me to work not just with home-ownership programs but with small businesses, financial help, climate change and sustainability, and more. I’ve been doing that for six years now. 

What is important to you about your mission at Wells Fargo, and what are the ways that mission aligns with the Partnership’s mission?

As a community relations employee for Wells Fargo, I administer grants and oversee nonprofit programs. Housing is our number one focus. We support all types of housing programs- rental, homeownership, homelessness prevention, foreclosure prevention, policy and advocacy, etc. We have a very large presence in the housing space not only in Connecticut but around the country, so certainty there’s a synergy to the relationship we have with the Partnership and now even more so with me sitting on the board. 

How long have you been in partnership with the Partnership? What have you found most inspiring or noteworthy about the work that we do?

The relationship with Wells Fargo and the Partnership has existed for a decade. And to put it simply, we need the Partnership. The work the Partnership does is integral to making any real progress in the housing space- building relationships with legislators and other leading housing organizations, advocating for policies that support affordable housing, that work is invaluable. To use a housing metaphor, their work provides the foundation for real change. The convening powers of the Partnership, being able to bring folks together or seek out other advocates and partners to say “We need your help, we need your voice” is enormously impactful. 

How do you measure success in the projects you support, and what outcomes have been most notable?

Impact is about results, it’s about outcomes. It’s about affecting communities and families. The questions we ask when funding in the housing space are: Are we providing or funding homeownership opportunities to a population that may not have had those opportunities? Are we helping people stay in their homes who might not be otherwise able receive those services? Are we helping homeless people find permanent housing? Are we funding programs that improve all communities? We want permanent solutions. Whether we are advocating for policies that address the housing crisis, helping folks improve their credit scores to work towards owning a home, funding a program that plants community gardens or helping a company reduce their carbon footprint our goal is to improve the communities we all live in. Every program we support has real, measurable outcomes and all of the programs we work with, including the Partnership, make those outcomes possible.

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