Fairfield County residents earning $100,000 considered low income, study finds

CT Public | By: Abigail Brone

Connecticut’s wealth gap is being brought into focus by a new report, which defined what it means to be a low income resident in Fairfield County.

While families who earn a low income in Fairfield County make significantly more than most residents across the nation, they are still struggling, according to a study by MarketWatch Guides.

The study looked at U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) data.

The region’s high cost of living makes it more difficult to stretch state and federal aid dollars, Sean Ghio, from local housing advocacy nonprofit Partnership for Strong Communities, said.

“Because this place is so expensive, I can get, say, 10 units of housing that’s affordable to really, really low income people, or I could get 20 units of housing that’s affordable to moderately low income people,” Ghio said.

Residents earning much less than $100,000 are struggling to afford housing, but families earning six figures are all struggling, Ghio said.

“The HUD numbers are already very high, so to see some, suggesting that they’re actually even higher, reflects how difficult it is to find housing in Fairfield County,” Ghio said. “What it means is many families, pretty high up on the income scale, are struggling to find homes, and it’s only harder the less income you make.”

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