Community Land Trusts 101 Factsheet

A community land trust (CLT) is a housing model designed to promote affordability by decoupling
land ownership from the ownership of the building situated on the land. CLTs are one example of
a broader shared equity movement, where the financial burdens and benefits of property
ownership are shared between multiple individuals or entities, making housing more attainable
for individuals or families who might not be able to afford a home otherwise.

In the most common CLT model, a nonprofit organization owns the land while a household owns
the structures. CLTs can be used to support homeownership with both single-family homes and
multifamily properties. In recent years, some CLTs have even shifted away from homeownership
to an affordable rental housing model. Rules for maintenance and use of the land is determined
by a board composed of leaseholders, community members, and external stakeholders.

Click here¬†to read the Partnership’s Factsheet Community Land Trusts 101.

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