Require all municipalities to submit a quarterly report on housing applications and approvals or denials to the Office of Responsible Growth.


Expand existing just cause protections to all renters (except in owner-occupied 1-4 units) to ensure housing security, stability, and the wellbeing of our communities.

Addressing Racial and Economic Inequities through Rental Assistance Funding

Sean Ghio, Policy Director, Partnership for Strong Communities The Current LandscapeConnecticut is facing a pressing issue – over 119,000 renter households are severely cost-burdened, allocating more than half of their income to housing costs. This alarming statistic represents an increase of 3,000 households since 2020. Disturbingly, more than half of these severely cost-burdened households are […]

HUD Announces Proposed “30-Day Notice” Rule for Nonpayment of Rent

Author: Danielle Hubley, Advocacy & Education Manager On December 1 2023, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed a rule change that, if finalized, would mandate that Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) and property owners in HUD multifamily project-based rental assistance programs provide tenants with a written notice at least 30 days prior […]

Report: Building A More Equitable Homebuying System

by Thalia Giraldo Read The Full Report Fifty-three years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, the wealth gap between Black and white Americans is as wide as it has ever been. A new report argues that flexible and equitable homeownership programs are key to closing this gap, while providing recommendations on how […]

Connecticut Renters Are Living To Rent, Not Renting To Live

Photo of Sydney Gagon

Community Perspectives: Sydney Gagon, student at University of Connecticut and resident of Norwich, CT. Devon Norton, a 19-year-old from Norwich, moved out of his house two years ago after his parents moved to different states. The first place Norton lived was a singular room in a house in Norwich where he was charged $700 per […]

CAHC’s National Housing Roundtable: Important Federal Bills Coming in 2024 

CAHC’s National Housing Roundtable: Important Federal Bills Coming in 2024  By: Alysha Gardner, Senior Policy Analyst, Partnership for Strong Communities  As we come to the end of the year, let’s look back on progress in 2023 at the federal level on housing challenges and forward to policy solutions with a recap of the National Housing […]