The Intersection of Affordable Housing and Land Use

By: Savannah-Nicole Villalba, AICP, AZT, Community Planning Director, Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments On Wednesday, February 7th, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Partnership for Strong Communities to host a conversation on the Intersection of Affordable Housing and Land Use. The goal of our session was to help attendees better understand how to […]

State-Funded Rental Vouchers: Connecticut and Our Neighbors

By: Alysha Gardner, Senior Policy Analyst, Partnership for Strong Communities To kickoff the 2024 legislative session, the Partnership convened its first IForum of the year on February 1, delving into state-funded rental voucher programs. We welcomed a stellar lineup of presenters: Exploring Benefits and Limitations of Federally Funded Rental Vouchers Before diving into our event, […]


At his Opening Day Address to the Connecticut General Assembly, Governor Lamont recommended a $26.1 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2025 that stayed within the fiscal limits imposed by the budget controls enacted in 2017 and extended in 2023. The Governor’s FY25 proposed budget adjustments do not include any new significant resources for housing. INADEQUATE FUNDING FOR RENTAL ASSISTANCE […]

Signs Of Gentrification In Connecticut’s Cities

By: Faith Evanson, Research Associate Connecticut has been suffering from a housing shortage of homes that are affordable and readily available for low-income residents. Debates over the cause of this crisis have been mixed, and some analysts have characterized Connecticut as a seller’s market where homes are routinely sold for greater than their value. The […]

The Intersection Of Housing Segregation And Education Inequity

By: Alexia Cousins, Research Associate Growing up, I remember my parents trying to enroll me in magnet schools to avoid sending me to public school districts.  Coming from a low-income community, the regional magnet schools and charter schools were regarded as having more resources to meet the needs of students. Connecticut is among the most […]

What has caused the Connecticut population to stagnate?

Addressing the need for the State’s equitable housing needs for different population groups. By: Daisy Karega Historically, Connecticut has experienced population losses to other regions of the US. According to a study carried out by a research team at Urban Institute, after growing through most of the past decade, Connecticut’s population has been declining in […]

Trends And Changes In Assisted Housing In Connecticut

Partnership for Strong Communities has released a new report from PSC policy director Sean Ghio, “Trends and Changes in Assisted Housing in Connecticut: A View from the Affordable Housing Appeals List, 2002 – 2020.” The Connecticut Department of Housing collects and maintains an annually published Affordable Housing Appeals List that provides a count of government-assisted and […]

Housing And Homelessness In CT 2021

The Partnership for Strong Communities has released its yearly update on the state of homelessness and housing affordability in Connecticut. Housing in CT 2021 and Homelessness in CT 2021 provide a quick primer on Connecticut’s need for stable, affordable housing. The coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for rent relief in Connecticut, while also widening the inequities that already […]

Trans Experiences Of Homelessness: Disparities, Discrimination, And Solutions

In the interview below, Danielle Hubley of PSC speaks to Sarah Gilbert of Transitions Therapy, LLC about the unique needs of transgender individuals within the homeless service system. Sarah, the founder of Transitions Therapy, works with trans individuals to provide gender-affirming therapy. As Sarah mentions, discrimination against trans people leads to increased rates of homelessness, and can […]