Affordable Housing Near Transit In Connecticut: An Analysis And Recommendations

The Partnership for Strong Communities has released a new report from PSC senior policy advisor Sean Ghio, “Affordable Housing Near Transit in Connecticut: An Analysis and Recommendations.” The report analyzes the affordable housing supply and demographics of Connecticut’s forty-two transit towns – forty municipalities with a fixed rail and bus rapid transit stations, and two municipalities with planned rail stations.

The disparities in race, income, and housing opportunities near our transit stations mirror the great disparities seen across Connecticut. Expanding the supply of accessible and affordable homes near all Connecticut transit stations is a sustainable, inclusive, and impactful growth strategy for our state. Connecticut’s transit station areas can be the vital backbone of our state’s future, but we must ensure that residents of all incomes and races are explicitly included in that vitality.

What policies can ensure that transit-oriented development includes mixed-income and affordable housing? This report focuses on four related policy recommendations that state government can take to increase the supply of affordable housing in our transit districts.

Click here to read the full report.

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