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A Focused, Multi-Pronged Effort

The Partnership for Strong Communities engages civic and political support to solve homelessness, create affordable housing and develop strong, vibrant communities. We promote knowledge, forge networks, apply innovation and inspire action to establish communities where anyone would want to live and work.

The Partnership for Strong Communities advocates for

  • An end to homelessness.
  • The creation of housing affordable to workers, families, young professionals, the elderly, the disabled and others.
  • The development of vibrant neighborhoods that provide the services and education that residents need to lead fulfilling lives.

To bolster its advocacy and educational efforts, the Partnership develops reports and fact sheets, compiles data, aggregates information and publishes a variety of email communications on issues related to housing and community development.  The Partnership also conducts advocacy through the Reaching Home Campaign, the HOMEConnecticut Campaign and the Lyceum Resource and Conference Center.

The Reaching Home Campaign is the campaign to build the political and civic will to prevent and end homelessness in Connecticut. Reaching Home will implement Opening Doors - Connecticut, a framework for preventing and ending homelessness in our state that is aligned with the federal plan to prevent and end homelessness. In the previous decade, Reaching Home successfully advocated for funding that has resulted in the creation of more than 4,700 units of supportive housing for formerly homeless individuals and families in more than 80 communities around the state.

HOMEConnecticut is the statewide housing affordability campaign, promoting the creation of affordable rentals, starter homes and a wide spectrum of housing options for workers, young families and elderly residents. The HOMEConnecticut campaign successfully advocated for a state program of incentives for municipalities that create high-density mixed-income housing in smart-growth locations.

The Lyceum Resource and Conference Center is a 16,000-square-foot, restored  neo-Classical Revivalist structure in Hartford that features a state-of-the-art conference center, meeting rooms and offices. The Lyceum provides a place where the Partnership can bring together policymakers, practitioners and scholars for discussions about solutions to end homelessness and ways to create affordable homes and vibrant communities.

Research and Data-Based Work

The Partnership's advocacy work is based on solid data aggregated from local, state and federal government sources, think-tank and policy organizations and business groups. The Partnership's staff of policy analysts uses this information to create a variety of educational and advocacy materials, including reports and publications, fact sheets, e-newsletters and online news items. By distributing this information to members of Congress and the General Assembly, their staffs, mayors and first selectmen, planners and a range of other government, non-profit, private-sector partners and the general public, the Partnership continuously advocates for solutions to end homelessness and  for the creation of affordable housing and vibrant communities.


The Partnership also organizes educational events that increase knowledge and broaden the base of those who care about housing. Over the past several years, the Partnership has used its event series - "Housing: The Hub of Public Policy" and the "IForum Series" - to show how housing is intimately connected to a variety of public policy issues. These events have helped connect the dots, demonstrating that effective housing policy can contribute to solutions in policy areas as broad as healthcare, education, transportation, environmental quality, economics, urban policy and food insecurity. The Partnership is able to use these events to educate new constituencies and advocate for thoughtful, broad-based solutions to many vexing policy problems.

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