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2019 IForum Series

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Housing: The Hub of Public Policy

The Partnership for Strong Communities, in conjunction with generous partners, presents its 15th season of policy forums. This year's IForums will focus on current public policy challenges in Connecticut related to the fields of housing and homelessness.

March 27th, 9:00am-11:30am - Click here for a recap. 
Past and Future Housing: Connecticut's Missing Middle
Small multifamily housing is a traditional component of our landscape in New England, representing 26% of residences in Connecticut. Much of the existing small multifamily is smaller, aging stock. As a result, it currently offers an opportunity for many cost-burdened families to live in market rate affordable homes.

Join us and a panel of experts as we discuss “middle housing,” with a focus on opportunities to rehabilitate existing stock and expand small multifamily development through thoughtful planning and design, as well as the current impediments to its creation.

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May 20th, 9:00am-11:30am - Click here for a recap. 
Ending Family Homelessness: A Look at Race, Equity, and Prevention Strategies
As the housing wage continues to rise in our state and the nation, many low-income families that are working to make ends meet are at risk of falling into homelessness. Many of these families are people of color seeking housing assistance through the homeless response system. Even if families do not become literally homeless, the lack of affordable housing has negative consequences for households and communities.

To create an effective system, we need to strategically target interventions that prevent families from becoming homeless and address systemic housing inequities, practices, and their effect on communities of color. This IForum will explore the interconnection between racial equity and homelessness and emerging prevention strategies to address family homelessness.

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October 30, 2:30pm-5:30pm - Click here for a recap.
Land Banks and Conservatorship: Connecticut's New Tools to Stabilize Neighborhoods
Blighted properties can seem an intractable problem to our cities and towns. They destabilize neighborhoods, create safety concerns, and diminish local property values reducing local tax revenues. Now, Connecticut has two new tools to fight blight and stabilize neighborhoods: Land Banks and Conservatorship.

Land Banks and Conservatorship are valuable tools to restore vacant, abandoned, blighted, and tax-delinquent properties to productive use. This IForum will provide an overview of the new laws, and explore how land banks and receivership can be used to expand quality affordable housing in Connecticut.

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December 9, 8:30-11:00am - Click here for a recap.
A Presentation by Alan Mallach: Understanding America's Multiple Affordable Housing Crises
While metros like San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston continue to see their housing costs soar, metros in the South and Midwest are much more affordable to residents making median incomes. Across the spectrum of income, however, all metros are facing a housing crisis: The lack of rental housing available and affordable to the region's lowest-income residents.

This IForum will provide an overview of the different pressures facing America's housing markets, as well as examples from Connecticut. Policy recommendations will be given on ways to resolve America's affordability crises.

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