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April 2018 - Blog Posts:

April 25, 2018 - Mark Walerysiak Jr. 
Connecticut has seen a mass exodus of millennials and empty nesters in recent years. Hear from a millennial on why this matters, and how affordable housing can solve the issue. 




April 11, 2018 - Jennifer Rodriguez
I can still hear the voices, “This is just a pipe dream. Tear the building down.” But years of persistent planning have finally paid off as a long-abandoned electric tinsel factory found new life.


March 2018 - Blog Posts:

March 21, 2018 - Erin Kemple
April marks the 50th Anniversary of the federal Fair Housing Act. While the nation has taken small steps toward eliminating discriminatory actions it has made little progress on promoting integration.




March 6, 2018 - Michelle Riordan-Nold
Director of the CT Data Collaborative and panelist for the March 19th IForum, explores why teasing out different data methodologies is a challenging but necessary step in understanding policy issues.


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