Olde Oak Village: Measures of Success, Property Values


Since homes at Olde Oak Village are free-standing condos that their residents purchase and own, one can consider not only the value of homes in surrounding neighborhoods, but also the value of homes within Olde Oak Village itself. Data from the Wallingford Assessor’s Office indicates that, between the earliest year of the condos’ assessment (2003-2004) and 2010, the average increase in the assessed value of market-rate homes was 58.8%. 

The Wallingford Assessor’s Office is confident that the Olde Oak Village condos’ 58.8% value increase between 2003 and 2010 demonstrates that homes in this mixed-income development appreciated at a rate greater than that of their “peers” in the rest of town.  Additionally, the Assessor’s Office explained that homes that directly neighbor Olde Oak Village have had trends in their assessed values similar to those of the mixed-income development. 

A Deeper Look Inside Olde Oak Village

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