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Useful New Tool to Calculate Housing & Transportation Costs


The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Transportation have just released a useful new tool to help households, policymakers, developers and researchers find out the housing and transportation costs for any area in the nation.

The Location Affordability Portal (LAP) is comprised of both the Location Affordability Index (LAI) and My Transportation Cost Calculator (MTCC):

  • MTCC will allow users to find out the true cost of living by allowing them to input their housing and transportation cost and comparing it to what the average household of their size spends on housing and transportation.
  • LAI is the map based counterpart that uses a variety of household profiles (diversity in income, family size, and number of commuters) to show the affordability in each area with the predicted annual housing and transportation costs for that region.

Read the full press release here

Click here to access the Location Affordability Portal. 


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