Starting the New Year Off with Reflection & Gratitude


Alicia Woodsby, executive director, Partnership for Strong Communities 
Starting the New Year off with some reflection and gratitude. Where we are, and where we’re going.

At the Partnership for Strong Communities, we’d like to start the New Year off with some reflection and gratitude. Thank you for joining our efforts, for being a partner, for supporting us every step of the way.  Your leadership and participation in these efforts have helped us reach the point where:

  • We can end veteran and chronic homelessness by 2016. We can employ the same tested approaches to end homelessness for families with children and unaccompanied youth.
  • We can confront  housing’s high cost and limited choice to prevent the perpetuation of homelessness and extreme housing instability.
  • We can ensure that resources and systems remain in place to solidify our progress and prevent backsliding.

Thanks to you, the Partnership can maintain its unique role as a leader in policy and advocacy, a convener of partners and an educator across Connecticut.  

Over the past twelve months, we have seen some of the most innovative, transformative, and meaningful work done to prevent and end homelessness in the state and profound energy toward increasing the state’s stock of affordable housing.

The Partnership for Strong Communities is grateful for our role in contributing to these efforts, most notably in the following areas of:

  • Advocacy resulting in housing options for vulnerable people in the state – our policy and advocacy efforts contributed to an unprecedented commitment from the Governor and Legislature for housing.
  • Tackling the growing problem of runaway and unaccompanied youth – we brought together partners to implement a variety of key initiatives to assist this underserved population, including the first of its kind study of Connecticut’s runaway and unaccompanied youth, design of the first statewide count of homeless and unaccompanied youth, and work on the development of age-appropriate housing assistance and services.
  • Supporting local communities in their efforts to proactively plan for affordable housing - we created a variety of resources for local communities looking to expand their affordable housing options.
  • Creating strategies and taking action to expand affordable housing and end homelessness – we developed projects meant to cut through the static and meet our mission, such as improving the integration of housing and health services through the Opening Doors Hospital Initiative, spurring the creation of Regional Housing Groups throughout the state composed of diverse leaders who understand housing policy and the housing markets in their area, and partnering with the Melville Trust and philanthropic collaborative to launch the Secure Jobs CT initiative, a pilot that will connect families receiving rapid re- housing with employment and tailored support services.
  • Shaping ideas and policy innovations – we embraced our role in knowledge sharing and partnership building, promoting promising housing policy approaches by staying abreast of best practices, current data and research and sharing them widely, and through our popular IForums, a series of conversations on housing issues with some of the smartest and most innovative people in the field.

We look forward to continuing our work with you in what is sure to be an exciting and challenging year ahead!


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