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With Right Circumstances, Inclusionary Housing Programs Create Affordable Homes

National Housing Conference (NHC)

Recently the National Housing Conference (NHC) released a report that explored if inclusionary housing programs actually produce affordable housing and the impact of these programs on the local market.

The author, Dr. Lisa Sturtevant, found that most empirical evidence suggests that inclusionary housing programs can produce affordable housing and do not impact the supply or price of housing in a community when the following conditions are in place:

  • Strong housing market
  • The program is mandatory
  • Incentives are available to offset costs to developers
  • There are clear guidelines
  • There are flexible compliance options

Sturtevant suggests that municipalities conduct an economic feasibility analysis to explore which program requirements would work best in their market. This analysis uses economic projections and developer interviews to explore how an inclusionary housing program would fair under a variety of program requirements and market conditions.

Click here to view the full report. 



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