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Report Shows Potential for Affordable Housing Near Mass Transit


A new report released last week by the Brookings Institution presents a dire picture of the significant transportation challenges facing low-income workers and job applicants but also raises the possibilities for affordable and mixed-income housing creation in Connecticut at stations along the new Springfield-Hartford-New Haven rail line and the Hartford-New Britain busway.

The report, "Missed Opportunity: Transit and Jobs in Metropolitan America," reveals the obstacles faced by low-income people and communities of color in getting to regional job centers. The first-of-its-kind analysis of transit access in the nation's 100 largest metropolitan regions found that across all metro areas:

  • The typical worker can reach only about 7 percent of the region's jobs in a one-way, 45-minute transit commute;
  • Three-quarters of low-and middle-skill jobs cannot be accessed even by a one-way, 90-minute transit commute;
  • Residents of low-income suburban neighborhoods face some of the biggest challenges - they cannot access more than 77% of low- and middle-skill jobs via transit
  • Recent and looming cuts in local transit service pose a significant challenge for people who rely on public transportation to access jobs. For example, proposed transit cuts in Milwaukee, Wisc., would cut off 25,000 jobs from transit access.

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