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Report shows that Persistent Unemployment Intensifies Homelessness



The U.S Conference of Mayors issued its annual report on homelessness and hunger in December 2011. The report focuses on the results of a surveyed issued to 29 cities.

The main findings of the survey were:

  • 42% of the 29 cities surveyed reported an increase in homelessness. The report found that the increase in homelessness is driven more by persistenat unemployment rates than by foreclosures and evictions.
  • Unemployment was the number one response to the survey as the cause of family and individual homelessness. Lack of affordable housing was the second.
  • Respondents to the study mentioned that HUD's Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing program was crucial to the implementation of various programs to address homelessness.
  • 70% of emergency shelters surveyed reported turning away homeless seeking help because there was no more capacity. The majority of cities also expect a decline in funding/resources for emergency shelters in the future.
  • Respondents mentioned affordable housing as the best way to assist individuals with hunger.

The survey can be found here
The full article can be found here


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