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Report: Many American Families Face Economic Insecurity


Forty-five percent of U.S. residents and 55% of all children live in households that lack economic security, according to a new study from Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW). The study, “Living Below the Line: Economic Insecurity and America’s Families,” also finds that women, especially single mothers, are more likely to lack economic security than men, including single fathers, are.

Key findings include:

  • Sixty-two percent of black households and 66% of Hispanic households have total incomes that do not allow economic security. More than 90% of households headed by single Hispanic women, and 88% of families headed by single black women face economic insecurity. Three quarters of both black and Hispanic children live in families that lack economic security incomes.
  • One in four full-time working-age adults has annual earnings below his or her family’s economic security requirements.
  • Twenty-two percent of households with two full-time workers lack economic security.
  • Nearly fifty-seven percent of households headed by a high school graduate lack economic security incomes and just over one fifth of households headed by a college graduate lack economic security.

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