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Report Explores Negative Impact of Eviction on Mothers and Children

Social Forces

A new study by Social Forces, Eviction’s Fallout: Housing, Hardship, and Health, depicts the short- and long-term consequences of eviction on evicted mothers and children. The study finds that mothers who have experienced eviction were more likely to experience high levels of stress, depression, and material hardship compared to mothers who have not experienced eviction.

The study also reveals that evicted mothers were twice as likely to report their children to be in poor health than mothers who have never experienced eviction. In addition, eviction weakens the mental health of evicted mothers. Mothers who were evicted had higher rates of depression, which might negatively impact their relationship with their children and families, even two years after experiencing an eviction. 

Furthermore, eviction can affect a tenant’s ability to find safe and affordable housing and hinder their ability to receive federal housing assistance.

Click here to access the report. 



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