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Recommendations for Implementation of Dept of Housing

Interagency Council on Affordable Housing

The Interagency Council on Affordable Housing released a report on January 15, 2013 detailing the recommendations the council has for the implementation of CT’s new Department Housing (DOH). The report includes a brief overview of the high housing costs and the consequences faced by many of Connecticut’s residents, especially low income households. Connecticut has the 6th highest monthly housing costs for both renters and homeowners, making the need for affordable housing that much greater to allow residents the ability to build strong communities.

The council recognized that while Connecticut has many good housing programs, residents would benefit from an improved delivery system that addresses current issues such as the lack of a convenient centralized access to information, the lack of funding predictability, a fragmentation of programs and resources, and inflexible processes.

The implementation of a Department of Housing would serve as a way to address those problems through centralized leadership that will be able to create a lasting vision for a statewide housing agenda. As documented in the report, the state’s housing programs are currently split between many different agencies. The Council’s report indicates that consolidating the programs into one Department of Housing will allow for a coordinated and comprehensive approach to housing policies and programs. Further, the report states that the creation of the Dept. of Housing will enable better communication and understanding since clients would be able to go to one entity for housing related issues and assistance.

The report provides a list of programs that will and will not be consolidated, a description of each program, and the department’s that administer the program.

Click here to read the full report.


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