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Parents Report After School Activities are Key to Childrens’ Success But are Too Often Difficult to Find

Afterschool Alliance

Afterschool Alliance recently released a report – America After 3PM – that found many low-income children do not have access to after school programs in their community. The study reported that two-thirds of parents living in impoverished communities found it difficult to locate an afterschool program, while less than half of parents living outside of these neighborhoods experienced the same dilemma.

Impoverished parents were more likely to report that their after school programs are important resources that help their children develop social skills, improve critical thinking skills, refrain from engaging in risky behavior, etc. They were also more likely to report that these facilities helped them keep their job.

The report offers several recommendations to reduce the gap in access to afterschool programs. One suggestion is to partner affordable housing with after school programs to provide convenient access for low-income families.

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