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PAHRC Reports Education is Path to Positive Exit from Rental Assistance

The Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC)

Authors of a report published by the Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC) at HAI Group found that each year of additional education achieved by the head of a rent-assisted household equated to an 11% increased chance of a positive exit from rental assistance. However, the high cost of higher education makes this extremely difficult for most low-income households.

The interactive map that accompanies the report illustrates that the typical Connecticut household receiving federal aid and earning under $30,000 would have to spend more than double, and in some areas almost triple, their yearly salary to receive a degree from a four-year university. The average low-income household in the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area spent $86,233 on their degree, while New Haven-Milford households spent $75,119, and households in the Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford area spent $72,769.

The authors recommend that more resources be used to reduce the cost of education for low-income households. This will reduce the barriers standing between these families and their diploma, which will increase their likelihood of becoming self-sufficient.

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