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NYU Study Shares Strategies Beyond Production to Preserve Affordability in Gentrifying Cities

New York University’s Furman Center

A report by New York University’s Furman Center explored strategies used in 11 metro areas experiencing gentrification to preserve affordable housing and prevent the displacement of low-income residents. The report notes that increasing the supply of housing is not enough to address these issues.

Some policy tools that can supplement an increase in housing supply include using deed restrictions, housing subsidies, inclusionary zoning, etc. For example, San Francisco’s inclusionary zoning program has created over 1,500 affordable units in 12 years.

Some strategies explored by the study that prevent the displacement of low-income residents include legal services for tenants, relocation assistance to help with apartment searches, caps on the amount rent can be increased, etc. For example, Connecticut prevents landlords from raising rents as a means to evict tenants.

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