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NY Includes Supportive Housing in Federal Medicaid Waiver Application


On August 6, the state of New York submitted its application for a Medicaid waiver from the federal government that will allow the state to invest up to $10 billion to implement an action plan that transforms the state's health care system. The application includes a Medicaid Supportive Housing Expansion program that will dedicate $150 million annually ($750 million over five years) to expand access to supportive housing by building 600 new units annually (3,000 units over the next five years) and subsidizing services in these and thousands more scattered-site apartments.

The proposal put forth by the Cuomo Administration creates two programs that provide supportive housing and centrally located health services to the state's most vulnerable populations:

  1. The Supportive Housing Capital Expansion Program dedicates $75 million annually for capital funding to increase access to supportive housing for high cost, high need Medicaid members by building 600 new units annually.
  2. The Supportive Housing Services Program works in coordination with the Supportive Housing Capital Expansion Program by dedicating $75 million annually to subsidize services in these and thousands more scattered-site apartments. After a competitive RFP process, the funds will be distributed to those projects with the highest Medicaid Return on Investment and used to fund services such as: crisis management, case management, patient navigation and care coordination services, counseling, relapse management, linkages to community resources, education and employment assistance, landlord-tenant mediation, entitlement advocacy, and budgeting and help with legal issues.

The application outlines several other strategies to transform the state's health care system and generate significant, long-term Medicaid savings.

More information:

  • Click here to view the Medicaid waiver amendment application at the New York State Department of Health's Redesigning the Medicaid Program website.
  • Click here to view A Multi-Year Action Plan to Transform the Empire State's Medicaid Program: Better Care, Better Health, Lower Costs
  • Click here for Press Release: Governor Cuomo Announces that New York Submits Federal Waiver to Invest $10 Billion in Medicaid Redesign Team Savings to Transform the State's Health Care System

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