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Not Attending College Major Barrier to Homeownership

Brookings Institute

A new report released by the Brookings Institute argues that most of the research on the subject of student debt and homeownership fails to consider people who did not attend college. The author, Susan Dynarski, argues that these reports typically only compare those who left college with and without debt. Dynarski’s research compares all three groups.

The homeownership gap is substantially larger between those with and without a college education than it is between college educated people with and without student loans. Dynarski argues that students with loans delay their first home purchase a little longer than their debt free peers with and without a college education.

By the age of 26, people with college loans have similar rates of homeownership to people who did not attend college and noticeably lower rates than those who left college debt-free. However, by the age of 35 they have 14% higher rates of homeownership than 35 year-olds without a college education and equivalent rates to 35 year-olds who left college debt-free.

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