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NN4Y Releases Brief on Homelessness and Juvenile Justice Involvement

Coalition for Juvenile Justice, National Network for Youth

The National Network for Youth (NN4Y), in partnership with the Coalition for Juvenile Justice, released a policy brief which summarizes the work of the Runaway and Homeless Youth providers in addressing the needs of youth and young adults that are experiencing homelessness and are involved with the Juvenile Justice System. Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) programs provide a variety of services to young adults that are at risk of becoming or are experiencing homelessness. These include street outreach, crisis housing, and long-term transitional housing program.  

Building upon the Collaborating for Change: Addressing Youth Homelessness and Juvenile Justice project, NN4Y surveyed 38 Runaway and Homeless Youth providers to figure out what factors contribute to homelessness for young adults that have involvement with the Juvenile Justice System, what is the target population for RHY services, and key factors for preventing homelessness amongst youth and young adults with Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems involvement.  

The author shared the following findings from the survey: 

  • Family conflict, lack of legal identification, fines and fees due to involvement with the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems contributed to young people’s homelessness. Youth and young adults who were experiencing homelessness before being detained were more likely to experience homelessness after involvement in the Juvenile Justice System.  
  • Many providers reported serving young people that were involved in the Juvenile Justice System while their files were pending, after adjudication, and before and after they exited custody. The providers also noted that they did not have enough resources to provide the services youth needed in their programs.  
  • Providers identified housing (short and long-term) and collaboration as a key intervention to divert youth from entering the Juvenile Justice System.  
  • Lastly, partnership and collaboration with all the systems that interact with young people is crucial to meeting the needs of young people with Juvenile Justice Involvement and are at risk or experiencing homelessness.  

The brief concluded by providing specific suggestions that RHY providers can work to help young people with Juvenile Justice Involvement and are at risk or experiencing homelessness.  

Click here to read the report. 


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