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NN4Y Publishes New Resources on Rapid Re-Housing for Youth

National Network for Youth

In October 2015, the National Network for Youth (NN4Y) released a policy paper, Recommendations for Youth Centric Rapid Re-housing: Working within the HUD CoC Funding Regulations, outlining the need of Rapid Re-housing (RRH) for youth experiencing homelessness and best practices for serving that population. The paper describes key components associated with youth-centric RRH program, such as the structure for assisting youth in obtaining and retaining housing and the type of supportive services and financial assistance a youth might need. It also provides information on how to develop long-term relationships with major stakeholders such as property owners, create flexible short-term prevention or transition in place plans, and engage youth.

NN4Y also released the PowerPoint presentation slides from an October 15, 2015 webinar on Youth Centric Rapid Re-housing Under HUD’s CoC NOFA 2015. The PowerPoint slides highlight the need for including rapid re-housing (RRH) projects for youth in U.S. Housing and Urban Development’s Notice of Funding Availability for Continuum of Care Programs. It also provides an overview of how communities can develop successful RRH programs for youth and case studies of communities who have implemented RRH for youth, including  the barriers and challenges that they have experienced.

Click here to read the paper. 

Click here to review the PowerPoint slides.    


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