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New Study Examines Preschool Participation and Homelessness

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, PD&R

The Cloudburst Group has published a new study that describes the barriers to early childhood education programs for families who have experienced homelessness. A Qualitative Assessment of Parental Preschool Choices and Challenges Among Families Experiencing Homelessness highlights housing instability, lack of social support, transportation, and systemic barriers as some of the key factors that influence children’ preschool enrollment of formerly homeless families.

The study outlines some of the following policy recommendations to help improve access to preschool for young children experiencing homelessness:

  • Increase collaboration between homeless service providers and early education programs.
  • Improve communication on preschool programs at shelters.
  • Incorporate early childhood education as part of case management protocols.
  • Reduce systemic barriers to preschool enrollment, simplify the application process, and prioritize children experiencing homelessness on the waitlist. 

Click here to read the study.  


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