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New Report Provides Extensive Overview of Inclusionary Housing Policy Nationwide

The Lincoln Land Institute of Land Policy

A new report takes a look at the process of creating inclusionary housing zones in cities and towns throughout the country now that there are over 500 communities with developed inclusionary housing policies to learn from. The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy published Inclusionary Housing: Creating and Maintaining Inclusive Communities to provide an overview of inclusionary housing policies nationwide.

It provides a snapshot of where all the programs are nationwide, an assessment of the economics behind inclusionary housing, along with case studies of how it impacted market prices for housing. The report also provides examples of how different cities advocated for inclusionary housing in a way to garner public support, bring along politicians and convince developers it is worthwhile.

The report is policy focused so it reviewed how to design inclusionary housing policy, including but not limited to discussion on the differences between mandatory and voluntary structures, whether to utilize fees, whether to use incentives, how to decide who to target the program towards, all taking into consideration the needs of individual communities.

The report includes the challenges of inclusionary housing, such as legal considerations, questions on economic integration within housing developments and how to overcome those issues for successful implementation.

The report concludes with recommendations to address the following questions:

  • What can local governments do to maximize the impact of inclusionary housing?
  • What can states do to support local inclusionary housing policies?
  • What can the federal government do to support inclusionary housing policies?

Download the report here:


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