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New Report Outlines Findings from the Street Outreach Program

Administration for Children and Families

A new study by the Administration for Children and Families summarizes the scope and characteristics of youth homelessness and their service needs. The Street Outreach Program (SOP) Data Collection Study found that more than half of the youth experiencing homelessness were asked to leave their homes by their parents and the first encounter with homelessness for many of these youth was around the age of 15.

The researchers examined interviews and focus groups data from 873 youth experiencing homelessness in 11 areas serve by SOP grantees. The Street Outreach Program provides services to runaway and homeless youth living on the streets by helping them find shelter and connecting them to street outreach workers who will be able to direct them to services.

According to the study youth are at risk of being victimized while experiencing homelessness. The study finds that approximately 60% of the participants were victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and rape. These youth were also more likely to report symptoms associated with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and use of alcohol and drug. Access to shelter, education, and employment were the main basic needs identified by youth.

This report also provides recommendations around the need to invest in emergency shelter, family reunification, intensive case management, and targeted interventions and programs for youth experiencing homelessness.

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