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New Report Highlights the Heavy Burden of Housing Costs

National Housing Conference

A new report by the Center for Housing Policy shows that although the number of households that pay more than half of their income on housing costs has declined since 2011, finding affordable housing is still challenging for many Americans.

Overall, in 2014 about one out of every six households experienced a “severe housing cost burden,” which is defined as spending more than half of a household’s income on housing costs. While about one out of every ten owners experienced this phenomenon, almost one out of every four renters suffered from “severe housing cost burden.” The latter phenomenon is a result of the increasing demand for rental housing that is driving up costs, which is coupled with income growth that is not keeping pace with rental prices.

The author highlights how imperative it is to not only provide rental assistance (e.g., Housing Choice Vouchers) for these households, but to do so in a timely fashion. Timeliness is imperative for families that live check-to-check without access to savings they can utilize for food, health care, transportation, etc.

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