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New Report Highlights 38 Cities in Connecticut Have City Ordinances that Criminalize Homelessness

Yale Law School

“Forced Into Breaking the Law” The Criminalization of Homelessness in Connecticut provides an overview of city ordinances, which are deemed unconstitutional, that make it a crime to experience homelessness in Connecticut. According to the report, municipal laws, such as loitering, panhandling, park curfews, sleeping on benches, camping, and public consumption of alcohol violate Connecticut, federal, and international laws and impede an individual’s  right to freedom of speech, movement, and assembly. People experiencing homelessness are more likely to fall victim to these laws since the outlined public activities are vital to their survival. The report highlights that a total of 38 out of the 169 towns/cities in Connecticut have ordinances that penalize those experiencing homelessness. For example, four cities- Bridgeport, New Britain, South Windsor, and Torrington- do not allow people to sleep on benches.

The report highlights the impact incarceration has on an individual’s ability to get a job and a home after being in jailed. The author concludes by providing policy recommendations municipal governments and policy makers might implement. 

Click here to read the report. 


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