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New Report Examines Poverty and Children Health Outcomes

American Academy of Pediatrics

A new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Poverty and Child Health in the United States, provides an overview of the impact of poverty on children health. According to the study, children who experience poverty are more likely to have negative health outcomes, such as delay in brain development, and reduced economic opportunity as adults. As a result, addressing poverty-related issues at the earliest stage is crucial to reducing their effect on children and families. The study provides a list of federal programs that have shown to work in addressing the needs of children living in poverty and highlights opportunities for public policy advocacy and practitioners’ community engagement.

The study suggests some programs and activities that health professionals can implement to assist low-income children and families.

These include:

  • Screen children for their basic needs, such as housing and food, during health care visits.
  • Create and implement home programs tailored to the individual needs of clients. 
  • Collaborate and engage with community organizations that are working to assist families and children.

Click here to read the study. 



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