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New Report Calls for Immediate Action to End Family Homelessness

The Bassuk Center

On November 2015, The Bassuk Center on Homeless and Vulnerable Children and Youth released a new report outlining the strategies needed to end family and children experiencing homelessness. The report, entitled Services Matter: How Housing and Services Can End Family Homelessness, provides an overview of federal policy on family homelessness and summarizes finding from the first national survey of service providers on their perspective on how to address homelessness among families. Findings from the survey include:

  • 85% of community providers reported a rise in homelessness among family in the last two years.
  • 94% of providers noted that the majority of families experiencing homelessness require supportive services to stay housed.
  • 95% of providers stated service intervention for families should start when they enter an emergency shelter and remain after housing placement.

The report also outlines a comprehensive housing and service intervention framework for ending family homelessness. The elements involved include the following:

  • Provide permanent affordable housing as the essential prevention method to end family homelessness.
  • Support the economic self-sufficiency needs of families experiencing homelessness.
  • Assess the housing and supportive service needs (mental, behavioral, developmental, and educational) of all family members.
  • Address trauma-related problems and interpersonal violence services for women and families.
  • Treat mothers with depressive disorders and other mental health related issues.
  • Reduce family separations and decrease children involvement in foster care system.
  • Provide parenting supports, parenting programs and childcare services to assist mothers.
  • Address the physical, emotional, mental, and developmental need of children.

Click here to read the report.



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