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NAEH Brief Outlines Their Opposition to Homeless Children and Youth Act

National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH)

The National Alliance to End Homelessness has released a policy brief highlighting its rationale for opposing the Homeless Children and Youth Act, S.265, currently being considered by Congress. The brief, National Alliance to End Homelessness Opposes Homeless Children and Youth Act (S.256), argues that the bill fails to provide recommendations on how to solve the issues relating to youth and families experiencing homelessness. Furthermore, the bill would cause an adverse effect on Continuum of Care (CoC) homelessness programs and create additional expenses for data collection for local communities. 

According to the brief, the bill would create the following issues:

  • It would broaden the U.S. Department of Urban and Development’s (HUD) definition of homelessness to include individuals who are sharing a home with other individuals due to economic issues. However, it does not provide additional resources to serve these individuals.

  • It would mandate a yearly assessment report for individuals living in double up situations, which might be costly for communities to achieve without assessment funding.

  • Lastly, the bill might influence HUD’s strategy for allocating its funding.

Instead of the bill, the memo provided some of the following recommendations, which include:

  • Creating affordable housing solutions, such as providing housing vouchers and developing affordable housing units, that would help poor individuals pay for their housing cost.

  • Utilizing the U.S. Census Bureau American Housing Survey to assess individuals living in doubled up situations.

  • Ensuring that other programs and agencies with resources for youth experiencing homelessness are held accountable to provide services for unaccompanied youth.

Click here to access the Homeless and Youth Act bill.

Click here to read NAEH policy brief.



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