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More Worst Case Housing Needs Renters Than Ever Before

US Department of Housing and Urban Development

A new report from The US Department of Housing and Urban Development reveals daunting numbers, with approximately two very low income households with worst case needs for every low income household with rental assistance.  Worst case housing needs are experienced by very low income renters (incomes at or below 50% of Area Median Income) who pay more than half of their income for housing or living in severely inadequate housing conditions or both.

The full report Worst Case Housing Needs 2011: Report to Congress will be released in April, but in the meantime HUD has released the summary report which shows a 43.5 percent increase in renter households with worst case needs since 2007, 2.57 million more households than in 2007.

The period from 2009-2011 saw an increase in worst case housing needs that did not discriminate based on demographic group or region. 2011 saw the highest number of renter households with worst case needs, 8.48 million, which surpassed the previous high of 7.10 million in 2009.

All major racial and ethnic groups experienced increases in very low income renters and worst case needs since 2009 with white households consisting of 48 percent of new cases of worst case needs, Hispanics households 28 percent and black households 13 percent.

Click here to access the Summary Report.


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