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May IForum: Is NIMBYism Dead? Was It Ever Really Alive?


The 2012 IForums series, organized by the Partnership for Strong Communities, continues with its fifth event on Tuesday, May 15.

Case Studies in Conflict:

Who Decides Where, When and
How We Create Housing?

Connecticut has seen intense battles between housing developers and municipalities and their residents. From public hearings to the Supreme Court, charges and emotions have raged. Town officials have been called exclusionary, town residents have been called elitists, developers have been called money-hungry, and the upshot has been a shortage of housing options needed for the many residents of Connecticut.

Have developers tried to run roughshod over towns or have they just tried to provide affordable homes to households who need them?

Has the opposition been a cynical, uncaring “Not In My Backyard” resistance to opportunity or a heartfelt effort to protect their families, ensure their children
are well-educated and guard their hard-earned investments?

Or has the hostility been the result of misunderstanding?

If the rivals better understood each other, could they have devised strategies that answered questions, overcame fears and allowed housing creation that everyone could agree upon?

Come join us as the controversy is laid bare. 

Tuesday, May 15th
The Lyceum. 227 Lawrence Street. Hartford, CT 06106
8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m - Registration, Networking, and Breakfast
9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m - Forum
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The event will feature:

  • Guest Speaker:
    Ethicist Michael Rion, Ph.D. Yale University
    , former president of the Hartford Seminary, founder of Resources for Ethics and Management, will discuss“NIMBYism, Ethics and Mutual Respect.”
  • Two Panel Discussions:
    Lawyers, Planners, Developers, Builders, Zoning Officials, and Other Practitioners will show their scars, tell their stories, unveil evidence of pure motives, and offer strategies to end future conflict by proactively including town residents in the conception, location, planning and design of future housing in their cities and towns.

The event is free. We expect strong attendance. Register now:, 860-244-0066.

Click here for the event flyer.

Click here for more information on the IForum series. 


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