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Malloy Housing Budget "The Cornerstone of Opportunity"


Malloy Housing Budget “The Cornerstone of Opportunity,” PSC Executive Director Rifkin Says

Despite a difficult budget year, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has steadfastly continued his “strong, thoughtful commitment” to providing every resident of Connecticut with an affordable home, The Partnership for Strong Communities said Wednesday in response to the Governor’s budget proposal.

"Gov. Malloy declared today that a safe, secure, affordable home is more than the foundation for well-being and opportunity, it’s the cornerstone" said Howard G. Rifkin, executive director of The Partnership for Strong Communities. “From homeless veterans to families at risk to young workers to the elderly, his proposals will lift up those who most need a hand.”

In his biennial budget, the Governor proposed $136 million in new capital funding for affordable housing creation or rehabilitation; a continued commitment of $60 million to restore public housing in tandem with $3 million in rental assistance for its residents; $20 million for 100 new units of supportive housing along with $2 million to finance rental assistance and services for its residents; $1 million in new capital for HOMEConnecticut Incentive Housing Zone planning and development; and $500,000 for rapid re-housing of families threatened by homelessness. A separate bill would coordinate and consolidate programs under a new Department of Housing.

“Gov. Malloy understands that, to help people, they must first have a home,” Rifkin said. “Providing healthcare, or education, or other vital services is impossible unless they are first safely, affordably housed. Most of the people who will be helped by this proposal have nowhere else to go. In promising them four walls and a roof, Gov. Malloy is promising them warmth, protection and security. But even better than that, he is promising them a future.”

In the first two years of his term, Gov. Malloy translated his understanding of how housing policy can enhance support for low- and moderate-income residents –  gleaned from 14 years of experience as Mayor of Stamford –  by investing more than $500 million in capital and other funds in housing creation and rehabilitation.

Rifkin said the additional investments, and the breadth of the Governor’s housing commitment, will help every resident of Connecticut. “Housing is an economic driver so the ripple effect of this commitment will put construction workers on payrolls, put food on tables and put revenue in cash registers all over the state,” Rifkin said. “They say $1 invested in housing produces $3 in economic activity but our experience shows it’s much more than that.”

Rifkin said The Partnership will work hard to provide data, information and other resources to the General Assembly and administration to help widen understanding of housing’s importance as Gov. Malloy’s budget is considered by lawmakers. The Partnership for Strong communities is a statewide housing policy organization that promotes state-of-the-art solutions to end homelessness, create affordable housing and foster community development.

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